We’re home. After a lot of discussion, we decided it was time. We booked our flights, got (most of) our papers in order, and we traveled back to the states so Piglet could be near the rest of the family and be baptized at our home church. International travel with our three-month-old was surprisingly easy, once we got him out of Peru. He slept soundly on both flights. The initial immigrations stuff was more exciting than we were counting on: nobody at the US embassy mentioned it, but it turns out that if you have a baby in Peru, the baby will need a Peruvian passport to exit the country, even if he is also a US citizen with a valid US passport. Fortunately, you can pay 50 soles and get an emergency passport at the airport’s immigration office in a remarkably short time. I’d advise giving yourself more than ten minutes to do this.

Anyway, now that I’m no longer pregnant, and no longer living away from my home continent,  it seems like a good time to wrap up the blog– otherwise it can only become the Dreaded Mommy Blog. There’s nothing wrong with blogging about Mommyhood, of course. I just happen to be bored out of my mind by most Mommy Blogs, and see no reason to add to the noise, now that I am surrounded by other mothers who speak English, and I can actually talk to them about the things I would otherwise blog.