8 foot boob

Lately, friends and strangers alike have been on fire posting about FB’s absurd policy of deleting breastfeeding photos in accordance with their no-nudity policy. Whatever. FB can do what it wants. You are, after all, using their bandwidth for free. But I thought I’d chime in and point out what a uniquely American weirdness that is. Here in Lima, today, we were waiting in line outside the RENIEC office to get the baby a DNI. A woman was sitting on the steps of the building nursing her child. I mentioned it to my husband later, and he hadn’t even noticed. He says it’s such a common sight here you just kind of tune it out, like the cars, buses, money-changers, and donut stands. Though to be fair, my husband probably notices ALL the donut stands.

Later we got lunch at a chicharron shop, where a nudie calendar with a big-busted model hung on the back wall. I nursed Piglet at the table and nobody batted an eye. Then, on the bus on the way home, I spotted this:

It’s a bad photo taken from a moving bus, so I apologize. But that is a public service billboard reminding you to get a mammogram. And it features an eight foot tall photo of a bare breast. I don’t know about you, but I was in no way offended.