Oversupply and block nursing, topless zone

I gave up on block nursing. I’d been going 3-4 hours a side, and it didn’t seem to make a difference.  So this morning I went with whichever side was fullest.  And the screaming started at noon.

Today was day three without eggs, so I don’t think they’re to blame. I may still eschew butter for a while jost to see, but…

I found another blog describing very similar troubles, and it points back to oversupply.  She mentions block-nursing for up to ten hours a side, in the beginning.  So maybe 3-hour block are just not long enough, and I need to give it another shot. How do you tell when the breast is completely empty, exactly?

Since the screaming episodes started, our house has become an intermittent topless zone. As soon as the baby gets fussy, my husband and I are both shucking our shirts– him because he wants to avoid urp on his clothes, I because it’s easier to nurse that way.  We tag-team it, me nursing, my husband burping the kid, and both of us pacing the floors.

Also: the rolling over was not a fluke. He did it a third and fourth time this morning!