Boob alarm, unintentional bed-sharing

The baby has his own bed. Sometimes he even sleeps in it. But with the advent of colicky evenings, he’s been spending less time in his own bed and more in ours.  Not on purpose: it’s just that after three hours of screaming, I am so wiped out that when he finally calms down enough to nurse, I fall asleep feeding him. The big puffy comforter is already off the bed because it’s way too hot for that. That’s about as safe as we can make it. He prefers our bed, and as much as I’d prefer he sleep in his own… I’ve ceded the moral victory for now, in favor of getting more sleep.

During the day, I may have to change up our habit of nursing while lying down. It’s easier for both of us, and it’s nice that he drifts right off to sleep when he’s full– no danger of waking him up by having to put him down or move him– but lately he’s been using a boob alarm to keep me from leaving and doing productive things while he sleeps (as long as he’s sharing our bed, I’m sleeping well enough at night to make this possible). When he’s right on the verge of sleep, he flails his arms around a little until one hand lands on my boob. Then, he goes to sleep. I try to sneak away, but the hand alerts him. Without even waking up, he reaches out to get a better grip on me. If I leave anyway, he wakes up and wants to nurse again. Arg! One the one hand it’s incredibly cute, and on the other hand it’s quite frustrating.