Monster baby

Yesterday was our one-month checkup. The doctora put the little guy in the scale, picked it up, and he topped out the scale!  Weight estimated at 5400 grams (nearly 12 pounds), because the scale topped out at 5 kilos. In the same span, he grew from 54 to 57 cm.  Not so little!  One of my neighbors asked me today if he was solely breastfed (“si, solo tetas”), and was astounded by his size. Consensus is that he is “gordito”– a little fatty.

We survived the embassy appointment today, including the hour-long bus ride there and back, thanks to the sling. The baby slept most of the time in transit, I awkwardly figured out how to nurse him in the sling, and he suckled most of the way through the appointment.  I discovered that my new nursing pads are not the low-profile miracle I’d thought– more like wearing a pantiliner instead of a proper pad. When we left the embassy my left boob had soaked the entire side of my shirt. Fortunately I had the sling to cover it.  We are now almost on-track to get the baby’s certificate of birth abroad and his passport, so we can take him to see his grandparents.

Almost.  There’s a slight hitch: apparently it’s weird for people without official in-country employment to border-hop, stay for eight months, and have a baby. So now we have to show them pictures from the pregnancy, and all our prenatal medical documents. I guess this is to verify we didn’t buy him on the black market? I’m tempted to ask if they want to see where my stitches were…   On the plus side, we don’t all have to make the trek out there a second time–  my husband can go without us.

I’m still gobsmacked by the way even I– an awkward beginner– can dig out a boob seemingly anywhere here, to feed the kid, and nobody seems to notice.  I’m grateful: it felt extremely awkward at first, but I’m quickly getting used to the idea that this is normal, and nothing to fuss over. I’ve nursed our little gordito on the bus, at the embassy, in a busy restaurant, and in a few other places, and the only time anyone has even looked is when I had him all covered up in our lobby.