One month old, gas, growth, slinging, bronchitis?

Four weeks old, actually. That’s still a couple of days shy of one month. He’s been growing at breakneck speed, and some of his newborn onesies and sleepers are already getting hard to fasten. We’ve started a “donate” bag.

Last night we had our first major gas episode. The poor kid was inconsolable for over an hour, which is so atypical of his behavior the neighbors asked about it this morning. We tried everything– changed his diaper, took him to the potty, wrapped him up warmly in blankets, removed blankets, walked him around, tried to nurse…   he kept signalling that he wanted to eat, but then when I tried to nurse him, he’d pull away after a very short time, crying and arching his back. Finally we landed on the solution of cradling him on our forearms (we took turns) stomach-down with his arms and legs dangling, and pacing around the apartment. That worked, and after a while he fell asleep. Poor guy…  he was so obviously in pain, and we were all so very tired.

The sling takes more getting used to than I had expected. When we bought it, we walked out the door of the store, took it right out of the bag, and I put it on and put the little guy into it, and it was perfect. Now that we’ve got it home it has proven somewhat more difficult. If the baby is awake, he tends to have his own ideas about how to get into the sling, and this complicates the process. Legs and arms don’t go where I expect them to. I think we’ll get it with more practice. I just hope we can manage something good-enough for the embassy appointment in a couple of days.

Oversupply is still a nagging problem. I’m trying out block nursing– where instead of trying to nurse on both sides each feeding, or alternate at each feeding (neither of which was working well), I am alternating sides every three hours even though he usually nurses more than once in that span. I’m kind of afraid the overabundance of milk may be what led to last night’s gas episode, so I’m really hoping this works.

I’m coming down with a respiratory infection. It started as a scratchy throat, then my sinuses got irritated and my nose started running, and now the nasal congestion is becoming throat congestion, which then usually marches down into my lungs and becomes bronchitis. I’m terrified at this prospect– I don’t know how I will manage if I get a bad case of bronchitis. I’m debating whether or not (and when) to take my emergency stash of azithromycin. I really, really don’t want to be taking antibiotics (or any other medications) while nursing, but if the choice is between that and bronchitis, then antibiotics seem like the lesser evil. It’s been less than a year since the last episode, and I don’t think I can deal with three weeks of hacking cough and six weeks of recovery from rib fracture AND take care of the little guy.