The dreaded eyebrow dandruff

Just as the little guy was getting over his wicked case of baby acne, dermal disaster struck again: the Dreaded Eyebrow Dandruff. I have it (though it’s been in partial remission for a long time now), my sister has it, my dad has it…  it is basically the world’s worst case of dandruff, but confined to the eyebrows, ears, and in really really bad flare-ups, the sides of the nose and mouth. My ears still get a bit flaky, but since I massively cleaned up my diet a few years back, I’ve had mine under control. Other family members use an unpronounceable antifungal cream to beat it into submission.

I noticed it on the baby a couple of days ago. By proxy, he eats what I eat, so it’s hard to pin it on a dietary problem. Even for me, I have no idea which change in my diet made it go away– I changed an awful lot of things. And I’m not about to use a heavy-duty antifungal on my four-week-old baby, no matter how unsightly the problem is. But it’s hard to look at his poor bumpy, flaky forehead and earlobes and not want to DO SOMETHING about it, instead of being patient and seeing if it goes away on its own. I’ve taken to using my tube of Lansinoh lanolin on it.  Either it helps a lot, or the stuff was going away by itself anyway. We’ll see. He looks a lot better this morning. Here’s hoping that trend continues– though all his little skin problems seem to look better in the morning, and progressively worse through the day, especially as it heats up.

I guess the one positive note is that it doesn’t seem to be painful to him at all, and he doesn’t care about the cosmetic side of things: he is still a chick magnet, flakes and all.