Sling, Sir Urpsalot

Yesterday we trekked down to Mundo Bebe and got a sling carrier for the little guy.  It’s a pretty simple piece of fabric, but it makes toting him around so much easier through the magic of weight redistribution. Hopefully he won’t outgrow it too quickly.

Little guy has been urping a lot lately. I was inclined to ignore this, as I’m not a novice at baby care– I took care of my colicky nephew from infancy through five years, and he had the worst reflux I’ve ever seen: urp everywhere, all the time. Little guy is not nearly as bad as that. But there are a few other things that make me think we have a small oversupply problem. Engorgement is a recurring thing for me– every time he goes more than two hours between feedings, I get painfully full. I feel like I could feed two of him (if I were stateside, I’d look into donating the excess).  At let-down, he coughs, sputters, and lets go of the nipple, dribbling milk all down my stomach. He is really, really gassy. He needs burping every few minutes while feeding, and he has frequent attacks of the monster farts– this is the one time he cries and we can’t figure out what’s wrong until the gas actually makes an exit. It’s quite frustrating. It seems to be painful for him.

All these things together point to oversupply.  Filling up on the sugar-rich foremilk before he can get to the fattier hindmilk can and does cause voluminous and painful gas. The overgenerous let-down is kind of like trying to drink from a fire-hose, and makes him cough and sputter and swallow too much air. And getting too much too easily in too short a time will certainly lead to messy urping episodes. I’m researching strategies for dealing with this.

Meanwhile, I’m having better luck catching him when he’s about to poop.  The monster farts are a tip-off:  if I dive for the potty at the first sign of farting, I can catch most or all of it before he goes in his diaper.


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    • Yes, Kellymom has been an awesome resource so far, and not just for overactive letdown– that was a lifesaver those first few days for fixing a bad latch and the wickedly sore nipples that resulted.

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