More potty adventures

We’ve had more misses than catches the last couple of days.  I can’t discern any signal for his smaller poops, and I’ve been missing some even when he’s signalling clearly– being half-asleep makes me slow to respond.  On the odd occasions when I take him to potty and he doesn’t need to go, he gets angry and yells. Then I feel like a mean mean mama pushing my potty agenda.

But we are soldiering on.  The victories and continuing absence of diaper rash make it worth the effort.  Plus, he seems to understand it already– and dislikes going in his diaper.  It could be my imagination, but he seems to be a little more insistent in his kicking and noises when he does have to go.  And when he has a bad case of the farts, as soon as I get him over the potty he starts grunting and straining comically until he manages to poop. At this point, if we stopped, I’d feel like I was letting him down, since he seems to be working with me. We don’t have to be perfect– he’s only three weeks old, after all. It is definitely enough that the diaper rash is gone, that he isn’t getting used to stewing in his own excrement, and that we’ve saved a few diapers and a lot of pee cleanup– after all, the reason we got him a potty at all is because he reliably urinates when we take off his diaper for a change, so this has saved us a ton of pee-soaked laundry.