At three weeks old, my son is already a fashion snob

My mom sent us a lot of cute baby clothes while I was pregnant, and we also bought some locally, down at the mercado. The local ones are invariably made of pima cotton, while the ones my mom sent are regular cotton. I don’t know why the local ones are all pima– it seems to be the only thing available for baby clothes here. Pima cotton is somewhat softer than regular cotton.

The little guy can tell the difference. He doesn’t have a problem with the regular cotton clothes– which is great, because they’ve been very handy. But when we put the pima onesies on him, he puts both hands on his belly, splays out his fingers, and rubs his belly and chest. He never does this with regular cotton, but he does often rub the top of his head the same way, especially while nursing. This is understandable, because his hair is so soft and fuzzy.


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