Patterns, potty breakthrough, one size up, baby acne

For the last three days, the little guy has had a horrible case of acne. Poor thing! It seems to be lightening up, finally, but… still looks bad. We hauled him out to the appropriate government offices yesterday to get him a legal birth certificate (instead of the medical cert from the midwife). We expected the worst, given our experience with the post offices here, but it actually went very quickly and efficiently, and we were out of there in under twenty minutes. It only took that long because we had to stop and let the kid eat for a few minutes. The bad part of the trip was walking around in the heat, carrying the baby, with a (light, cotton) blanket covering him. Felt like being boiled alive, and I was worried about overheating him the whole time.

He has settled into some semi-predictable sleeping patterns. He takes a long nap late morning and late evening. After the evening nap he usually wants to marathon nurse until about midnight, and then he (and I) get to sleep for two hours– three on a good night. Then he wants to nurse for about an hour and a half, then sleep for an hour or two. Then at 5am the wailing kicks in from next door and I don’t get any more sleep no matter what the little guy does.

He has been doing this really irritating thing while nursing: he’ll get fidgety and growl at me, and kick his legs. It’s like he’s trying to start a fight with my boob– he doesn’t usually break suction, but he will pull his head back and stretch the nipple pretty far. Yesterday, on a hunch, I de-latched him when he started this, pulled out the potty from under the bed, stripped off his diaper, and held him over it. Lo and behold! He let loose in the potty with a large, loud poop. Using this signal, we’ve successfully avoided a few poopy diaper cleanups since then.  I think every poopy diaper we avoid is just a little less irritation for his poor rashy bottom. The zinc oxide cream doesn’t seem to help much with that, but keeping him out of his diaper more often so he can dry out properly does seem to help. Some. The potty thing: I have a lot to learn, and I certainly don’t “catch” everything. I mean, he has a tiny bladder and he nurses constantly, so he pees an awful lot! But this is encouraging at the same time, because he pees almost every time I get out the potty. I count it a victory every time I can put his same dry diaper back on him after a pee. And this is happening more and more often.

He’s outgrown the newborn diapers and moved up to the smalls. We are curious to see how much weight he’s gained now, but have no scale to measure it.

On the postpartum front: I’m feeling almost back to normal.  My belly still kind of slumps down beside me in bed, but I no longer feel as though my internal organs will spill out if I sneeze. I think that’s progress.