More potty talk, blocked duct, migraine

Z is two weeks old today.  Overnight, the IPT project went from a mere interesting experiment to a very exciting prospect.  Z, it turns out, communicates very clearly when he has to pee– He kicks his legs and makes this little “Uh, uh, uhuh” noise. And we made it the whole night on just one dry diaper– finally had to change it out due to a wet fart, not because the diaper was wet. We still went through a fair number of diapers yesterday, but also successfully went “on cue” ten or twelve times. I also switched from using the little potty– which is still handy for when I’m changing him and he starts to pee– to holding him over the bathroom sink, as some of the IPT/EC websites suggest, and this is a lot easier. It also negates the need for wipes, since I can just rinse his butt in the sink. His diaper rash is completely gone.

Three nights ago, Z had a blessedly peaceful night in his own bed– slept four hours, then three hours– and I got a decent amount of sleep and felt great…  except that my breasts were so engorged he had a hard time latching on to eat in the morning. As the day progressed, it was more than just engorgement. A whole section of my left breast had become swollen, hot, and extremely painful to the touch. I had a blocked duct. Z dutifully kept that side cleared out yesterday and today, and it seems to be getting better. But I also seem to lose most of my progress overnight, when he’s not nursing as often.

As if that weren’t enough, I developed my first real migraine since early pregnancy yesterday evening. There was no acetaminophen in the house, and I wasn’t sure if it was safe to take anyway, so I decided to tough it out. I got no sleep. I was in tears every time I had to get up to pee, because going from horizontal to vertical and back was excruciating. The headache continued through today, and finally in the afternoon, my husband went out and picked up a popsicle and some acetaminophen (which is fairly safe) because there was no way I was going to get through the evening without him otherwise. I couldn’t even get up to change Z’s diapers.

Still not feeling 100%, but a little Tylenol was a blessed improvement.