Experimenting with IPT: Because we are obsessed with excrement

Diapers are expensive. They also seem to be causing a bit of a rash on the poor hijo’s behind. So we picked up some Desitin, and I’ve been trying to let him go diaperless during feedings, when I’m holding him anyway. I just grab a cloth diaper and drape it loosely around his butt, set him on a waterproof lap-pad, and let him pee at will while he’s eating. I figure it saves us a diaper each time, because he reliably goes while he’s eating. It also gives his butt a chance to air out and dry completely, which seems to be helping with the rash already.

Just for kicks, we also picked up a tiny potty down at the Metro– because he has a tendency to pee as soon as his diaper is removed. Today we assembled all the bits and pieces for a diaper change, took off his diaper, held him over the potty, and– wonders!– he peed, and then gave a great heave and pooped in the potty as well. The best part was that it left almost no poop on his poor red rear, so we didn’t have to further irritate it with vigorous wiping.

I tried it again later, but the potty stayed dry. IPT (infant potty training) is a bit of a misnomer. It should properly be parent training– it’s all about watching the baby and figuring out when he is most likely to pee, and what his face looks like when he’s getting ready to poop. There is also something to the position: I hold the baby facing away from me, grasping his thighs so that his knees are pulled up and he is not actually sitting on the pot–it’s just there to catch. Between the upright position and the gentle squeezing effect, it encourages him to let loose.  Third try, this afternoon, more pee in the potty! yay!