13 Days Postpartum

My stitches seem to have dissolved. Swelling is down to just a tiny bit, and the hip pain is nearly gone.  Other than the sleep deprivation, I’m feeling almost human again– which is good, because this week we have to start the bureaucratic go-round to get the baby an official birth certificate and NID, then to the embassy to get a certificate of birth abroad, then his own passports– because he’ll need, as far as I can tell, a local passport to cross the borders here, and a US passport to cross US borders, when/if we go home.

Yesterday the boy seemed constantly hungry, despite his new, improved sucking technique. He kept both breasts completely drained all day.  Which means that despite night feedings, my supply adjusted and I was bursting with milk this morning.  While I fed him from the right side, the left started squirting milk several inches straight out, and soaked his pajamas before I could track down a rag to sop it up with.

I boiled eggs this morning. My blood glucose numbers keep dropping, especially when I’m feeding my hijo. I keep hitting new record lows: 61, 59, 56…     Once, back in high school or college, my aunt pricked my finger and tested me on her glucometer, and I got a reading in the low 30s. “How are you still standing?” she said–then she made me eat a Payday bar. But in my adult life I’ve never seen a reading that low.  56 does not feel good. The thing to do for this problem is to eat small, frequent, protein snacks, which is hard to manage without refrigeration. Boiled eggs seem like a possible solution.