11 Days Postpartum

Things are looking up. Nursing is getting better. I feel a lot less sore. It could be my imagination, but it seems like my hijo’s smiles are somewhat less random now. And he has adorable dimples.  Now that we’ve got him sleeping in his own bed (which is right at the end of our bed), I’m getting more sleep. Not because he is sleeping more, but because I sleep better without his sweet little body snuggled against me. I worry too much about rolling over on him, even though I am not the sort who thrashes around.

He was born with long fingernails. We followed the lists of “necessary items” and got a set of baby nail clippers. They are useless. They are too tiny, and too loaded up with unnecessary plastic bits to be useful. When I tried using them I couldn’t tell if I was clipping just the nail or the whole end of his finger, because the stupid plastic casing on the thing obstructs the view. Finally, in desperation, I tried our regular nail clippers, and they worked fine, with a clear view of what I was doing, and a good enough grip to control it. Moral: don’t bother with baby nail clippers. Waste of money– and you might cut off your kid’s fingertips.

Nursing, with its improvements, continues to be an adventure. As the baby gradually gets more control over his arms, he really wants to suck/chew on his fingers. He has been trying to do this while nursing, with predictable–and hilarious– results.


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  1. Remember, as a doc told me 40 years ago–sleep when your baby sleeps. Don’t try to be super woman and clean the house, cook, take the dog for a walk—it’s all about resting your body. Take it easy, be gentle with yourself. Barb

    • Working on it, but sleeping during the day is hard, even when I am *this* tired. Fortunately, my husband has been a superhero and has been doing all the household stuff so I don’t have to : )

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