Checklist complete! What do we win?

I have the weirdest weight-gain graph. I lost some to first-trimester nausea (I refuse to call it “morning” sickness), then gained some during a good spell, then lost all of it to gastroenteritis, then crept back upward while recovering, then shot practically straight up to get into the “normal” range at the last minute, and now we have leveled off. My weight today was 63 kilos, exactly the same as a couple of weeks ago.  As long as all other signs are good… I’m done fretting about it.

We finally got the Methergin! We tried all the pharmacies in our neighborhood to no avail. Then we tried the pharmacies around the birth center, and still had no luck. So we consulted the midwife, and she recommended the pharmacies directly around the hospital down the street. The first one was a bust, but it was the first in a line of maybe four or five of them, so we kept going. The clerk at the second place said they had it, and headed into the back shelves to get it. We waited while she dug through a box, failed to find any, pulled out a second box, dug through that one, and… wonder of wonders! She found an ampule of Methergin– a funny little sealed glass tube thingy– which we happily paid 8 soles for. It was the last item on our list. Our bags are mostly packed. We cleared up the confusion about the “bed towels”– they are large-ish plastic-backed disposable rectangles designed for the incontinent (chucks, basically).  Now, when the time comes, we just throw some clean clothes in the bag and head out to the midwife’s office/birth center. Yay!