38 weeks: Whoa! That chin!

Just got back from our mandatory ultrasound, with pictures, a DVD recording, and very mixed feelings. Everything looks normal, so that’s good. And I’m very relieved to have that over with. The language barrier means I had no idea how to say “we don’t need the 3D portraits”– we only got as far as “no necesito saber el sexo” so we are still in the dark about whether the baby is a boy or a girl. The baby was, as expected, quite squirmy for the session. Seeing the heart working was genuinely cool.

The 3D face pictures…  I wish I hadn’t seen them. I feel really weird about them. Theoretically, people look at these things and “bond”, or at least get all heart-melty. But honestly…   it’s a strange gray image, almost mummy-like.  I look at it and completely fail to make the connection that says “this is our kid”. Instead it’s more like “geez, what a huge chin!” How much resemblance do such images bear to the finished product? Is your ultrasound supposed to leave you with a vague sense of disappointment and guilt?