Ow! Ow! Ow!

That electrical-short-in-the-groin feeling is getting more frequent. It nearly always happens when I am out walking around. This week, there’s been a noticeable increase in pressure on the front of my pelvis, I’ve begun to have pinched-nerve type pain in my right buttock, and a muscle in my left inner thigh has gone through a few astonishingly painful cramping episodes while I was out and about (and thus could not just go lie down, but had to keep walking to get home).

I keep telling myself that all this means the baby is just that much closer to being born. But dammit, that hurts!  I’m not afraid of pain or anything, but it is pretty disconcerting when these things hit me half a mile from home. It forces me to stop, rest, let it subside.  So far, it always goes away, given enough time. But I panic a little; what if it doesn’t go away? How will I get home? I don’t want to be confined to my immediate neighborhood if it gets worse.