35 and a half weeks. Technically that means we’re term in a few days. At which point the baby could decide to make an exit at any time. And by “any time” I mean could be next week, could be in seven more weeks. We’d probably all be better off if the concept of due date were abandoned. The baby has a huge range of possible arrival dates, arranged on some kind of statistical curve, but…  a single date is so much more exact than the real thing!

Something has changed in the last week. It’s a bit hard to describe: it just feels different. I can’t really tell where the baby is situated by feel anymore– previously, I could easily tell where the child’s back and rear end were by feeling around my belly. Not anymore. The location of the kicking has changed, along with the intensity: now, when the baby sticks a foot out, it makes a crazy lump that moves around like a mouse under a bedsheet. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t have a herniated belly button when this is all over.

In addition, the feeling that I have an electrical short in my groin has intensified, and I feel it much more often, usually while standing or walking. Even when I’m not feeling it, walking is suddenly much less comfortable. There’s a feeling of pressure at the front of my pelvis that wasn’t there before– but it’s nothing like the cantaloupe-between-the-legs feeling women describe when the baby’s head engages in the pelvis. I don’t know what to make of it. Mostly, I’m hoping that the baby hasn’t abandoned its previous head-down position for something more interesting.

I’ve begun to think of the kid as “froggy”. He or she seems to have extraordinarily long legs for such a small creature. The vigorous hopping has become rather uncomfortable, but I’m trying to be grateful. It’s got to be a sign that the kid is in good health, energetic, etc. And we’re on the final leg of this thing: all discomforts are now distinctly temporary. I would like the universe to know that I’m still extremely thankful to have no swelling and no stretch marks so far.