Muchas Gracias

I had my blood drawn this morning– third time since we moved here, fourth time for this pregnancy. I hate needles. I hate getting my blood drawn. I can’t even look at the needle without freaking out. My husband comes with me to hold my hand.

And yet, getting my blood drawn in Lima: really not that bad. I’ve just had my arms mauled by American lab techs so many times it’s what I expect when I go for bloodwork.

There are no great adventures to report in this post. I would just like to express my deep, sincere appreciation and gratitude for Peruvian lab techs, and for whoever trains them. Three times is not a fluke anymore: these guys are just really good at what they do. They all found the vein in ONE try, no repeat jabs or (worse!) shifting the needle around in my arm looking for it– even during the gastro episode when I was seriously dehydrated. I’ve had no incidents where blood flow was ridiculously slow and took forever to fill the tube. Friendly, quick, and as close to painless as I’ve ever experienced giving blood samples. I love these guys.