Nighttime hot flashes + high morning blood glucose = dawn phenomenon?

I ran the hot flashes and high-ish waking blood sugar number by my Mom (the diabetes expert), and she says it sounds like the morning blood sugar may be coming down from a 3am spike. It’s a common occurrence in diabetics, known as the dawn phenomenon, where somewhere around 3am, for reasons not well understood, blood sugar can spike, even in the absence of food– though it can be more common if you eat something starchy before bed. The symptoms, she says, are waking around 3am, feeling too hot/sweating, need to urinate, thirst, and a cottony taste/feeling in the mouth– which describes my experience exactly. Some of that, like the need to urinate, can be written off as just being pregnant. Maybe not all of it, though. What does happen, is I wake up in the dark hours of the morning, kick off the covers because even the sheet is unbearably hot (even though my husband, who is usually the warm one, is still sleeping soundly under the blanket), then lever myself out of bed because I really, really have to pee, and then promptly down a glass of water because I am thirsty and my mouth feels/tastes nasty. And then I go back to bed and lie awake until at least 5am because I can’t sleep.

This morning, when I woke up, I remembered to check my blood sugar, but not until about the point where I was getting comfortable with the temperature again. Glucometer read 89. That’s a smidge higher than my normal fasting numbers, but still close enough to be ambiguous. I’ll have to see if I can catch it right when I wake up, next time.