The hunt for Methergin

Yesterday’s prenatal checkup and class went well. I’m finally–finally!– up to 60 kilos. Which means I’ve gained a whopping twelve pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. First time I’ve measured above September’s 59 kilos. Current weight gain is still below the 25th percentile line, but at least it’s moving upward at a reasonable and healthy rate. Fundal height is still tracking just below the 90th percentile, so we are not worried as long as I don’t stall out or start losing again. I’m gaining roughly one pound a week right now, so if that trend continues…  maybe 19-20 pounds by 40 weeks? That’s still below the recommended 24-32 pounds, but not a disaster. The book, and the charts, though, seem to indicate that it’s normal for weight gain to level off after 36 weeks. If that’s the case, I’m looking at more like 15-16 pounds, which is pretty low.  We’ll see.

The appointment also gave us a chance to clarify a few things from our information packet. Sometime in the next three weeks, we’ll have to go tour the backup hospital. We probably won’t need it, but the doctora prefers that the place at least be familiar, if we have to transfer in an emergency. I also have to go get blood drawn again 😦    More importantly, we find that we do not actually have to hire an ambulance to wait outside the casa while I’m in labor. That’s just an option for people who want it. The hospital is only about three blocks away, so that seems like overkill to me.

However– and I really wasn’t expecting this– we do have to buy and bring along our own medical supplies for the birth. We went to the supermercado and the botica yesterday and got most of the items checked off the list, including sterile gloves, gauze, cotton, redoxon, vaseline, peroxide, alcohol, two litres of vinegar (for the tub), pH-neutral soap, and a sterile syringe. That last one was a surprise because A) in the US it is nearly impossible to just walk into a pharmacy and buy a syringe, and B) that needle looks huge! I really hope I won’t need it.

There are a few items on the list they did not have at the farmacia we visited. We still have to acquire: isodine foam, isodine solution, 1 ampule of Methergin (I think this goes with the syringe, in case of hemorrhage)(and seriously, any Joe off the street can buy this??), a sponge, a fingernail brush, thick knee socks, and protective bed towels (I have no idea what this means– chucks? regular towels?).

So far we’ve filled up most of one backpack with supplies. I guess we’ll take a second backpack with all the more household type stuff: changes of clothes for us, clothes , blankets and diapers for the baby, snacks, icons, etc. Still seven weeks until ETA, but only three weeks until “holy crap I could go into labor any time now”, so we really don’t have long to get our whole kit put together. It needs to be all ready to grab and go when we need it.