My luck didn’t hold: ouch.

I mentioned the prenatal class we attended. What I left out of that update was that we were late for class. The buses on Javier Prado were completely stopped, for reasons we could not discern. We were about four blocks away from where we were supposed to get off and change buses anyway, so we exited the bus, and took off toward Arequipa at a quick clip. Three blocks up, the problem showed itself: a stalled bus blocking half the road.  We turned off a little early, and had to cut across to Arequipa on a side street. We hopped on another bus, missed our stop, and had to backtrack another four blocks. We were kind of in a rush, and in sprinting across an intersection I did something horrible to the ligaments and pelvic joints that had been so nice to me recently. Ouch ouch ouch!!

Yesterday I was nearly immobile. It hurt to walk, sit, roll over (and probably to fetch, but I didn’t try that), or stand on one foot. If my knees had allowed it, I might have crawled around the apartment all day. Things are a bit better today– I didn’t have to send my husband out for groceries alone– but I’m still pretty sore.

No more sprinting. Even if we’re late.