The cuna: some assembly required

Today I decided to pull the new cuna out of the box and put it together, so we could see how far we would have to move the bed, and also to let the thing start airing out. I hate that “new plastic stuff” smell (one of several reasons I would never, ever buy a new car– in my mind it’s a bonus to get it without that new car smell), and I can’t imagine a baby would appreciate it any more than I do.

So my husband helped me disentangle it from the box. It comes neatly packaged in its own little nylon zipper bag, so we peeled that off, unstrapped it, clicked the bottom into place, and then…  things got weird. The top rails are supposed to pull up and click straight, right? They wouldn’t do it. I knew they weren’t defective, because it worked in the store. I tried everything. I squeezed the latches while pulling up on the side bars. I turned the whole unit on its side, and then upside-down, trying to get those rails to click into place. No luck. They just wouldn’t go. Every now and then I’d get a little clicky noise and think I had it, but the rail would sag back down. This went on for a couple of hours: I’d try a few things, take a break, come back, fuss with it some more– all to no avail.

Finally, I looked up “playard assembly” on the internet, and found this YouTube video, which isn’t even for the same model. And in under a minute, I learned the key to getting the rails straight: do the rails first, THEN lock the bottom braces in place. Any other order and it won’t work.

Once again, the internet saves the day!