30 Weeks, Using Google Translate for my birth plan

Only ten weeks to go, more or less.  Six weeks until the “holy crap, we could be heading off to the birth center any day now– what should we pack in the bag?” Less time before “maybe we should set up the baby’s bed and let it air out”.

The doctora sent us home with a sheaf of documents to read at my last checkup. They are all in Spanish. I’ve been gradually translating them, so we’ll know what’s expected of us and what we’re signing, and what to put in our birth plan. So far, I’ve only run into a couple of passages I couldn’t work out. For the most part, Google translate is awesome. I’m not really looking forward to lining up a backup hospital, and a backup ambulance service, in case of an emergency transport. But that seems to be part of the deal. Looking at the required supplies/amenities list… I’m actually glad we’re not planning to have the kid at home. Our apartment just isn’t big enough. The guide seems to require that I bring two people with me– my husband for emotional support, and some friend or relative for general practical support. We’ll have to inquire further to see if that’s a requirement or just a suggestion. I just don’t know anyone I could ask…