In the clear!

I had a prenatal checkup today, and came out feeling like I’d passed a really difficult exam.  My weight is still not back up to September’s benchmark, at 58.5 kg, instead of the 59 kg I was hoping for. But my fundal height is right where it should be, baby sounds good, and I don’t look like a sunken-eyed crack addict any more.  The doctora says everything is fine, and tells me to eat between meals to help me gain weight if that continues to be stalled out. Right now, my little weight gain graph looks so sad. There are the two lines marking out the 90th percentile for each week, and the… 20th(?) percentile for each week. I started out below both lines (morning sickness), zoomed up to being between them (the sweet spot!), then fell almost off the chart, and now I’m back up some, but still below the lower line and trying to claw my way back up into that nice safe space between the lines. I think I will just try not to stress out about it any more. As long as I am not sick, I’m eating well, and my blood sugars are under control, the baby is getting what it needs, even if I am not gaining the ideal amount of weight.

The baby was in a funny mood and decided to be head-down at the appointment. Which means nothing, because I’ve been feeling the kid do flips all week. Sideways is still a favorite, so I get an intense kick on one side followed immediately by the baby’s head bonking into the other side. My guts are a trampoline.

We’re also slated to start attending prenatal classes, which are in Spanish. I’m assured that a fair portion of the classes involve exercises such as different kinds of breathing for labor, so we shouldn’t be completely lost. But my Spanish is definitely not up to par. The doctora says the main benefit to attending the classes is to alleviate fear: that the most important element to having a smooth, uneventful labor and delivery is to not be afraid of it. So I’m mostly set– my books and reading sources have covered this very thoroughly for the most part, and the classes are just reinforcement– with the bonus that I can drag my husband along to the classes, when I can’t make him read the books. We’ll see how it goes.