Serpost made me lose half a kilo

My husband and I thought we would drop by Serpost yesterday, to pick up a box my mother sent. It turned into an epic, hours-long ordeal of waiting in about five different lines. I was completely wiped out when we got home. And I’d lost half a kilo just by missing lunch and not resting. Gah!

There is a full-length mirror in our lobby, but I’m always wearing my rainjacket when I pass it. I had no idea how much that rainjacket hides!  At a public restroom yesterday, I caught a glimpse of my uncovered belly in a giant mirror, and was stunned. That same day, I was only seven pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.  I can’t help feeling that the humongous-ness of my belly now violates the laws of physics.  It’s obvious I have lost weight from other parts of my body to accomodate: my arms are looking kind of sinewy. My hip circumference is the same as before pregnancy, even with the little bulge in the front… which means my butt has shrunk.  My belly has some kind of magnetic force, and is sucking, sucking, sucking the mass from all my extremities to feed itself. Probably my skull is empty, my brain having been sucked into my torso. And I’ve got three months to go– scary thought!