Recuperating, Goodie Bag

Almost 28 Weeks

Despite not being allowed to eat real food yet, I’ve regained a little over 3 kilos. I’m still under last month’s weight, but it’s an improvement, and it means most of what I lost was probably fluid.

I discovered an unexpected side effect of the electrolyte solution. After drinking it for two days straight, I was out of danger from dehydration, and switched back to pure water, because the salts were burning my mouth and I was feeling somewhat bloated. Apparently, it’s a bad idea to come off the salts this abruptly. It didn’t make the diarrhea come back or anything like that, but it induced massive, instant diuresis. I felt like I had to pee every ten minutes, and slept very, very poorly as a result. So I put the electrolytes back in my water bottle, and now I’m stepping down the concentration. It still makes me pee more than usual, but it’s not so dramatic that I have to use the toilet five times during the night.

I have, thrillingly, graduated from fruit-in-a-blender concoctions to actual chicken soup, along with small portions of rice and banana. I’m not allowed to eat any of it in a proper meal-sized portion (not that I could anyway, with my shrunken stomach), but instead I have to ration it out over the course of the day, one bite at a time. I’m also allowed stewed pears, but I can’t find any that are ripe.  As long as things stay on track and I have no relapses, I should be off the leash by Friday.

Yesterday a care package arrived from my mother!  She sent some nice cotton gender-neutral baby clothes, including one of the sack-type sleepers I had been looking everywhere for here, but couldn’t find. Yay!  She also sent me a couple of those bra-hook extenders, which are a huge, wonderful relief! All my bras were trying to suffocate me, as my ribcage has expanded.

The book claims the baby will shift head-down sometime soon, and stay that way for the remainder of pregnancy. I don’t believe this. There’s still way, way too much wiggle room in there, and the kid seems to prefer being sideways– I often get that double-kick feeling, where the feet jab on one side, and then the head thumps the other side. Which is not to say the baby is always sideways. The baby seems to really enjoy giving me the willies by making a sudden 90 or 180 degree turn– it is a weird, weird feeling!