My Midwife Yelled at Me

So… I’m still sick. I stopped puking after Monday, I figured I was getting better, right? But last night was a definite turn for the worse– out of bed seven times in the night with diarrhea. Ick. At my prenatal appointment, it turned out I had lost four kilos since last month…  I’m guessing that has all happened in the last week, so I really underestimated how sick I was. And the midwife fussed at me for not contacting her. All I can say is… I don’t think very clearly when I’m sick.

We got to go straight from the doctora’s office to the farmacia, to buy electrolyte solution. Then to the lab to get blood drawn and pick up a stool sample container. I’ve never had to give a stool sample before, but the midwife says it’s really important to do that so that if I don’t get better in the next couple of days, they can figure out what manner of bug is making me sick and treat it appropriately.

Down four kilos… that’s somehow even more discouraging than being sick.