Wrung Out

Yesterday was a bad day. Saturday we went out to eat– we’d spotted a taco place we wanted to check out. My husband developed a case of the runs Saturday evening, and still hasn’t really got over it. I was fine until Monday morning– at which point violent diarrhea and vomiting set in. By midafternoon the diarrhea went away, mostly because there was nothing left in my intestines. But I was still vomiting up more fluid than I could possibly have been taking in– I know I’m SAS when I wet my my pants twice while vomiting, and I’m too miserable to be embarrassed about it. The kid seems to have been affected somehow– instead of the usual intermittent thrashing around, it seemed like all-day non-stop full-force kicking of my sore guts. Finally sometime after 8pm I managed to keep down a glass of water and a single segment of orange. And that seems to have been the end of it. I’m no longer sick this morning, ate my usual egg breakfast, but…  I feel completely wrung out. I guess I’ll stay away from any heavy lifting, and try to re-hydrate.