Hyperactivity, Diaper Pins, and Digestive Complaints

I do not think the baby has stopped kicking since 7am.  As far as I know, that’s a sealed environment, and I’m not consuming caffeine. Has my child found a way to smuggle espresso from the outside? Even when there isn’t kicking, there’s movement. I was staring at my belly earlier and saw a distinct lump pop up and make a slow circuit around my belly button (which now pops out if I lean back a little).

Yesterday’s expedition to the mercado yielded a full complement of cloth diapers, as well as a handful of diaper pins (yay!). I also finally broke down and got two maternity shirts. I’m not sure why I didn’t do that earlier– they are so much more comfortable than my regular shirts, which still kind of fit, but which I am constantly tugging down in the front.

My old intestinal enemy has returned. My husband went out for chifa without me a few nights ago, and got a persistent case of travelers’ diarrhea. I am actually jealous of him, and I am tempted to go try out this disreputable chifa place. I have, once again, been forced to resort to the leche de magnesia, after two days of complete intestinal inertia. There is no way this feature of pregnancy is in any way adaptive.  How do wild animals avoid it? Chifa?