Not a Square: Modified Kite Fold for Birdseye Rectangles

So, once I got my first batch of cloth diapers home, and gave them an inaugural wash, I went looking for directions on how to fold the things into usable diapers.  After some searching, and weeding through a whole lot of directions on how to do prefolds (but google, I don’t have prefolds!)…  I found this page, which was extremely helpful. She lists two different sets of instructions: origami fold and kite fold, both of which seem very easy and practical. Unfortunately, she was working with squares. My diapers are all distinctly rectangular, and it’s not like I have a lot of other options. But I experimented, and came up with a slight modification of the kite fold to make it work for rectangles. It looks like it could work, but it’ll be months before I know for sure. In the meantime… I’ll practice my diaper-fu and hope for the best.

My first attempts all came out looking like this:

I couldn’t help thinking something was not quite right. Eventually, I figured it out: no leg holes!  I had left out a crucial step.  So here’s my slight modification of the nice cloth diaper lady’s instructions, to work for rectangles:

Step 1

A flat rectangle.

Step 2

Fold top left corner in. Exact proportions are negotiable, which is good because both diapers and babies come in a lot of sizes.

Step 3

Bring the bottom left corner up to the center of the fold from step 2.

Step 4

Bring the top right corner up to the fold from step 2, but since it’s a rectangle, it’ll go somewhere past the center, maybe even all the way to the other end of the fold.

Step 5

Take that excess bit that went past the middle, and fold it back so it’s symmetrical.

Step 6

Take that tab at the lower right, and bring it up to the opposite edge, or just short of it.

Step 7

That fold you just made in step 6? That’s now the bottom edge. Fold the sides in at the bottom, but not the top, to make this lily shape– if you leave out this step, the leg holes will be missing.

Step 8

Bring the bottom edge up to the top again.

Step 9

Fold the side corners in.

Well, they look like diapers. I sure hope they work like diapers, too!