Cloth Diapers: They DO Exist!

Yesterday marked a wildly successful trip to the local mercado. I had given up on finding cloth diapers anywhere but my midwife’s office, and was just about to give up on basic cotton receiving blankets, when we stopped by a tiny, hole-in-the-wall baby shop and lo! There on the shelf, down by the floor where I happened to glance, was a cubby packed to the edges with neatly folded white fabric things labeled “pañal” and “bombasí”. Pañal is a word I know! That’s diaper! And those were definitely fabric, not anything disposable, so we inquired about them, she pulled them out for us to look at, and they were in fact non-prefold birdseye cotton diapers. The “bombasí” turned out to be cotton receiving blankets! They were sturdy woven cotton on one side, and very, very soft flannel on the other: plain white with two narrow red stripes. Both were ridiculously cheap compared to back-home prices, and we came home with a stack of them. I’ll probably go back for more, now that I know where to find them. Without a washer and dryer, I suspect a dozen diapers will not be enough.

I’m not a huge fan of shopping, especially not as a recreational activity, but it is thrilling to be this close to having all the baby stuff squared away. The most difficult item we have left is a bed for the baby, and we have a lead on that.