Rising Blood Sugar

I was skimping on blood sugar testing, because I didn’t have enough test strips to last me until the end of pregnancy, or the end of our trip, if I was checking it every day. But my post-meal numbers have been rising, and I finally realized it was too important to skimp on. My Mom is sending me more test strips, and I’m monitoring more closely. It started a few weeks ago, when, for the first time during the pregnancy, I got a reading over 100. There is nothing bad about a reading of 103. The important thing is that it marked a change in the pattern. And it has kept rising. 112, 130, and yesterday, a whopping 152, after eating a very, very tiny chapana and some plain unsweetened yogurt. No more chapanas for me! Fortunately, it was still early in the day and I immediately dragged my husband out for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood, which got me back down to 98. But it gave me a good scare. Over 150 is BAD.

I’m not diabetic, and I’m trying very hard to stay that way. One of the major problems with diabetes diagnosis in the US is that using the official guidelines, you CANNOT get a diagnosis of diabetes (and therefore professional medical help for it), until your blood sugars are so bad that you have already done permanent, irreversible damage to the beta cells in your pancreas. Modern medical practice will not help you until you are very, very sick. It will not help you avoid getting sick in the first place, even if you have all the risk factors and are showing the early signs. If you can see it coming, there is no excuse for not taking charge of your own health: nobody else is going to do it for you.

So rather than use the diabetic guidelines, I try to stay in the optimal range for people who are actually healthy: that means a fasting blood sugar under 90 (and my fasting blood sugars always look good at 74-84), and a post-meal range of under 120. 152 is way too high, and could have negative consequences for the baby, especially if it happens repeatedly or stays that high for an extended time period.

I really enjoyed the grace period during the first half of pregnancy, where I could eat oatmeal and not get high sugar readings. But that phase is over, and it’s back to finger-sticking and no cheating on my diet. Oh, well.