The Layette: Halfway Done

25 weeks and 2 days: I can’t believe we’re at 6 months already. I have not learned enough Spanish yet to be going to prenatal classes!

We jumped on the ochenta bus to the mercado today, and for about $30 managed to cross off most of the basic clothing items on our necessary-baby-stuff list. Seven pairs of cotton socks, two hats, and six unisex onesies to go with the three we’ve already got, plus two spare towels. I sat and de-tagged everything after we got home.  It’s nice to have a few things crossed off the list.  The shop where we bought most of it even threw in an extra onesie in the next size up “gratis” because we bought so many. This after they turned out to sell onesies for about half the price of all the other shops we’d explored.

We’ve checked out several baby-stuff shops, but so far we haven’t found any newborn-sized sleepers of any sort. Maybe babies here sleep naked? Blankets are also more difficult than expected. There are plenty to be had, but they are all– every single one of them– polar fleece. I hate that stuff. Someone’s got to have regular cotton receiving blankets, don’t they?

I’m waiting for it, but so far I have not been afflicted with the “OMG it’s so cute I must buy it!” syndrome that seems so common to pregnancy. I dislike shopping, and I stick to the list. Maybe I lack maternal instinct. Maybe leaving the baby’s gender a mystery is protective: unisex baby stuff tends to be the plainest. Maybe that “cute” instinct is inborn, not triggered by pregnancy hormones– you either have it or you don’t, and I don’t. That would be nice: it’d save me a ton on baby stuff. My criteria for clothes run along the lines of: “It must fit if our child has a giant head like its father” and “No pointy edges or non-removable tags”.

There’s a lot of stuff we still need: blankets, urp rags, diaper supplies, nail clippers, sleepers, someplace for the baby to sleep…   but it’s progress, and I feel victorious. At least our baby will not have to go naked.