8 Pounds a Month! My New Belt, Blushing

23 Weeks: Third prenatal appointment today:  Perfect blood pressure, gaining weight at a rather alarming rate– 4 kilos/ a little over 8 lbs. in the past month. That actually puts my total weight gain at 15 lbs. for the entire pregnancy, which is just as it should be, but continuing to gain 8 lbs. each month would be awkward. I will start cutting back on the starches– I was planning to do so anyway, but now I have more of a green light to do so. No, not a diet. But I have continued to monitor my blood sugars, and my fasting glucose has returned to pre-pregnancy normal (84), and my post-meal blood glucose levels are getting a bit higher– meaning they actually peak a little over 100 (112 at the highest so far).  These numbers are still very good, but we are no longer flirting with hypoglycemia. And since I don’t expect the awesome blood sugar control to last beyond pregnancy, the sooner I can settle back into my prior low-starch habits, the better. Mostly, I had been eating a lot more rice, oatmeal, and potatoes than I could ever have gotten away with before I got pregnant. In the amounts I’ve been eating those things…  six months ago they would have shot my blood sugars over 160 and it would have taken more than two hours to return to normal. So since I’m no longer waking up in a hypoglycemic fog… I can afford to lose some starch. It was nice while it lasted, but I do have that extreme family history of diabetes to attend to.

Fundal height is still in the upper reaches of normal, but we are no longer concerned about the possibility of twins. The baby was awake, and making my belly jiggle while I was being measured.

I came home with a wide elastic band to go around my middle– I think it will help a lot with the ligament pain. I test-drove it by walking the couple of miles home from the midwife’s office instead of taking the bus, and felt great! The midwife recommended getting one of those big exercise balls to sit on, to help with the sacroiliac soreness. Also, it holds my pants up, which is totally awesome– I have been constantly tugging them up for months.

I’d been wondering where I would ever find cloth diapers in Lima. It turns out the midwife’s office sells them! Yay! The all-natural granola-type approach to childbirth and babies is not that popular in Lima, so cloth diapers are really hard to find– which is how she ended up selling them. Because it was near impossible to find them anywhere else. I have four months, so I may still give making my own a shot. It’d be something tedious to work on in my spare time.

My husband didn’t make it to the last appointment, so it was really nice to have him there this time. I think he really gets a kick out of hearing the baby’s heartbeat, which sounds like a galloping horse. On the other hand, I found myself blushing when the midwife asked about our sex life, and gave instructions on nipple massage to prepare for breastfeeding. Neither of those things would really have been embarrassing if it were just me and the midwife.