Back Pain, Kicking Paranoia, and Photo Hosting

I tried to upload a new pregnant stick-lady photo, only to find I had used up my allotted photo space on WordPress. Sigh. I have also, apparently, used up my space on photobucket, so I guess it’s time to find yet another photo-host to overwhelm. Flickr maybe?

The back pain has set in. It’s not quite what I’d expected when I read “back pain” in the book. I expected just a backache, but this is different. For the first time ever I can feel the joints between my sacrum and pelvis. And they hurt when I lie on my back, when I get out of bed in the morning, when I run (not that I am some great runner, but sometimes a sprint across a street is necessary), and at other random moments. It’s made me extremely conscious of my posture, which is probably a good thing.

The book also says I could be noticing “practice” contractions by now, but so far nothing on that front. I’m relieved.

You know that paranoia that happens around new babies, where even when you know they are sleeping peacefully, you want to go look at them while they’re sleeping just to make sure they’re still breathing?  I’ve discovered there is a prenatal analogue to that.  The baby is so active now that if I haven’t been kicked in a couple of hours, I start getting all hyper-attentive “listening” for movement. “Are you still there, kiddo?”  Fortunately, if I start feeling truly worried, sitting down at the computer to compose a blog entry or email is a sure way to get the baby to start jumping around. If I don’t update or email anyone for months after the birth, it’s because we’ve established a pattern: typing wakes the baby.