22 Weeks and All is Well

I have my next prenatal appointment in a week, and I’m looking forward to it. The kid is very active, and I feel great.

The heartburn has taken a rest. I started keeping a basic meal log, writing down what I’d eaten, and whether or not I had heartburn afterward. The biggest suspects seem to be white beans and flaxseed meal. I haven’t had either of those in a few days, and so far no heartburn. That could, of course, be coincidence. Thankfully, in that time the constipation also seems to have taken a holiday, so I haven’t needed the extra dose of fiber the flax was giving me.

I think adrenaline crosses the placenta. Our apartment building is haunted by a dreadful wailing most days around 2-4AM. No matter how much I KNOW it is in no way a threat to me, it wakes me up, my entire nervous system goes into red alert mode, and adrenaline goes coursing through my veins. It often takes me a couple of hours to come down off the adrenaline rush, and during that time A) I can’t get back to sleep, and B) the baby thrashes around for an extended period. I’m sorry, baby! On bad days, we get back to sleep around 7am… only to wake again at 8 when my husband gets up. ngh! At least I can take a nap later if I need to…

But with the heartburn and other ills gone, I really can’t complain about a little sleep deprivation.