21 Weeks: Where are the Geek Pregnancy Podcasts?

I did get the maternity jeans, but right now they are drying on the clothesline– I had to wash them sometime!  So in the interest of being able to sit down without taking off my clothes, I have resorted to using the rubber band trick on my regular jeans. Not stylish, but that’s what long shirts are for, right?  Which reminds me, I need some longer shirts. I’m down to just two that will reliably cover up everything they need to cover up. I have a third that I can tug down that far, but when I do, I expose acres of cleavage at the top, so… no.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts these days. They’re really handy when most of what I have to do around the house– laundry, dishes, cooking dinner, etc.– is pretty repetitive and requires almost no thought. I’m not complaining. It’s strangely confidence-building to know that I can keep up with my little household, and that as long as I don’t procrastinate it takes surprisingly little time, even without modern conveniences like a dishwasher, washing machine, etc. I begin to think that those “labor-saving” devices may not be much of an advantage. Is there any place for a dishwasher in a house with only two plates? Would it be wasteful to use a washing machine for two shirts and four socks?

Anyway, podcasts: I ran through my usual favorites at lightning speed: NPR’s Science Friday, Robert Krulwich, Robb Wolf, Jimmy Moore, Thomas Hopko, and the rest (yes, I am a geek).  Most decent podcasts only update once a week at most. But I can listen to four or five hours’ worth in a day, easily. It doesn’t just make my work speed by, it keeps me from hogging the internet when my husband wants to play with the computer. So I went looking for other podcasts to listen to, and found several addressing pregnancy-related topics. I downloaded a bunch, loaded them onto my mp3 player, and… ouch.  Here’s what I want to know:  is there something unique to pregnancy that makes women like the color pink, and cutesy and saccharine things, more than usual? Or is it just that women who are already like that are also more likely to be SO enthusiastic about babies and reproducing that they make more websites and podcasts about it than women who rely more on their rational capacities?  Where are the pregnancy podcasts by and for… the not-so-girly? Maybe even the geeky?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Preg TASTIC : Note the inescapable pink-and-purple color scheme. Goes with the gag-inducing name. The podcast is very professional, has some useful information, but…  I can almost smell the nail polish and bubble bath.  Very mainstream, information-wise. Given my obsessive reading habits…  I didn’t get much out of this one, beyond the squirmy feeling I used to get when a group of giggly hairsprayed girls started a way-too-personal conversation in the school library without realizing I was there.

Pea in the Podcast: Isn’t that name just the most clever thing?  The pink is not so overwhelming on this site. It’s just the main header bar. Again, a really, really mainstream collection of info, that occasionally made me want to yell at the audio. And the presentation is downright patronizing. Ack!

Bellies to Birthcast: The name seems pretty neutral– nothing cutesy, and NO pink in the site design, so two points in its favor. Also it is geared toward natural childbirth, which is also a plus. But I’ve had a difficult time downloading the podcasts- not sure if it’s the site or just my connection. I’m still trying, but the one full episode I was able to listen to was really good. The others… I only got the first 3-5 minutes of them and was left hanging. Maybe next time?

Natural Moms Talk Radio:  I’ve really enjoyed this one, but it’s a huge archive, and a lot of it is stuff I’m not all that interested in (for example, interviews with people who run natural-baby and natural-beauty-care businesses). Still, I’ve sorted through and found several enjoyable interviews with interesting people.

Those are the ones I’ve explored. There are tons of others out there, but it looks like quite a chore to try to filter through such a torrent of sludge looking for the odd shiny bit of gold. Somewhere out there, there must be a Geek Pregnancy podcast.