THESE Are the Leg Cramps Everyone Complains About? Also, Round Ligaments, etc.

My pregnancy guidebook, and every pregnancy resource I have consulted on the internet, repeatedly warns of PAINFUL LEG CRAMPS as one of the inevitable indignities of pregnancy. I had no idea what they were talking about. Finally, this week, I made the connection: they are talking about a charley horse. That thing that happens when you point your toe way too far, and your calf muscles seize up. I remain puzzled by all the fuss.  I thought this was normal? I first noticed them, and learned to pull them loose by grabbing my toes and tugging upward, back when I took ballet classes. And I haven’t been in ballet classes since I was seven. I assumed this happened pretty regularly to everyone. Is it possible that many/most women do not experience this until pregnancy? I admit that when I realized what they were all talking about, my first (ungenerous) thought was “what a bunch of whiners!”  Then, of course, karma kicked in. I started getting an occasional sharp pain in the left side of my groin. Apparently, this has something to do with the round ligaments stretching. I have not figured out what to pull on to get that to stop. Ow!

The kid is very, very active lately. Especially in church. Does this mean she likes the music, or that I have an uncontrollable church-fidgeter on my hands already? The exciting part is that all the thrashing around in there is so strong now that even my husband can feel it. She has a promising MMA career ahead of her.

In other news, my subconscious has gone coy on me. For a while I dreamt overtly of babies: my baby, other people’s babies… Now we’ve switched over to swarms of kittens and fluffy yellow chicks. Perhaps it reflects latent anxiety about the possibility of multiples.