F*&^%g Prenatals, Part II: Blood Everywhere!

After this week’s prenatal checkup, I agreed to give the prenatal vitamins another shot. I took them for two days. They did not make me puke, but for the entire duration of the experiment, I had a case of diarrhea that kept me from going anywhere more than a block from the house– which means I had to send my husband out for water and dinner groceries.  I didn’t feel sick, and I wasn’t in pain, so I figured I’d just wait it out.

Last night, in the dark, I woke up to a sudden and severe nosebleed. I jumped out of bed almost immediately, but even in that space, the blood was already dripping from my hand. I left a trail from the bedside all the way into the bathroom. I’ve been prone to nosebleeds all my life, so I’m used to dealing with them, but this was no ordinary nosebleed– the source was somewhere up in my sinuses and it was difficult to get it to stop. But after several minutes, a trashcan full of bloody tissues, and some whispered cursing, it did, finally, stop.

My poor husband woke to the commotion, but could not immediately figure out what had happened.  His only two theories on the subject were far worse than the actual problem: either the diarrhea had caught me unawares, and that was why I was washing my pajamas in the middle of the night, or I was suddenly and dramatically miscarrying… thus the blood trail. In the end, I had to wash blood from the cuffs of my pajama pants, from my pillowcase, and from the top sheet, leaving us to sleep with nothing between us and the itchy wool blanket. My husband helped clean up the floor.

I skipped last night’s dose of the prenatal, and so far have not had a recurrence of the diarrhea. I’m inclined to blame the vitamins. And despite my always-present susceptibility to nosebleeds, I’m inclined to blame the vitamins for that as well. I think my body just hates iron supplements, and will do anything to get rid of the extra iron. But I can’t be sure without experimenting further. Maybe in a couple of weeks…