Power Pants

I was finally forced to buy the dreaded Maternity Jeans. My regular jeans were still wearable, and I had planned to just unbutton them and rubber-band them together once I got too large for them. But I only have two pairs of pants. I thought I would wear skirts more but I wasn’t counting on how chilly it would be here. Skirts are cold! And then, two days ago, my favorite pair of jeans– you know the ones: the jeans that have reached the perfect state of age, wear, color, and fabric thickness so that they fall exactly right and are the most comfortable jeans on earth– started to disintegrate. The right knee just dissolved, and it is obvious the back-pocket edges will soon follow. So I tracked down a maternity clothing shop, and with great trepidation, scoped out the stretchy, knit-topped jeans. Unflattering on their own, for sure, but with a shirt over top, you don’t see the knit part, even if you know it’s there. Shockingly, I tried on a pair that looked about the right size, and they were…  very comfortable!  So I bought them. They were too long, but for only the equivalent of about a dollar, I had them hemmed while I waited. And now I actually like them. My husband calls them my Power Pants.