Taller than Average, and What Weight Gain?

I’m 5’2″ tall. I was always the shortest kid in my class. Seatbelts cut across my neck. Chairs, toilets, and airline seats are always just a little bit too tall for comfort. But in fundal height, I’m at the top of the range. This may not be a good thing, but we’re taking a wait-and-see approach for the moment. I had not planned to have an ultrasound until very late pregnancy, and that only to check for placenta praevia, which is fairly rare, but serious when it does happen. Still… fundal height higher than expected for gestational age… generally this means gestational age has been miscalculated by a couple of weeks, but… I’m an obsessive chart-keeper. I KNOW within 24 hours when this pregnancy started. Granted, sometimes charts are a little bit wonky, but even the most generous re-interpretation of that chart would only date the pregnancy two days earlier. The next-most-common reason for measuring large is, of course, twins. I don’t even want to think about that possibility. I’m not outside the average range, just riding the top edge of it. So… we’ll see. I go see the midwife again in a month. If things are looking weird then, I may have to go for that mid-pregnancy ultrasound after all (I had planned to skip it). Until then, the fundal height thing is clearly because the baby has inherited my husband’s gigantic head.

The other interesting thing that came out in today’s checkup was my weight. They measure in kilograms here, and I couldn’t remember the number from last time. So now, after crunching the numbers through a metric converter, the results are clear: I lost a significant amount of weight in my first trimester.  Before getting pregnant, I weighed a very consistent 120 pounds. Then I got pregnant, and was sick to my stomach for five or six weeks, followed by three weeks of severe bronchitis. I was recovering, and had almost certainly regained some weight, when I weighed in at my first prenatal checkup. I was 114 pounds. This month, at my second checkup, I was 121 pounds. So definitely doing a lot better. But in total, in four months of pregnancy, I have gained ONE POUND. You can get that just by changing what scale you’re using, so it could be a little more than that, or it could be no gain at all.

This is baffling, because I also have waist, hip, and belly measurements from before pregnancy, and those have definitely gone up. I temporarily lost at least 3cm off my hips during the puking phase, but as of today, I’m back to exactly my normal measure there. But I’ve added 6cm to both my waist and belly measurements, and gone up at least a cup size in bras. So if I haven’t really gained any weight, what on earth has been shrinking to compensate? My head? My arms and legs? By the end of pregnancy, I will be looking like a marshmallow tottering around with toothpicks for limbs.

Beyond all the usual gripes: crowded guts, occasional constipation and reflux… I am feeling pretty good now.  I’m not tired during the day, I can walk a long way without getting uncomfortable, I’m eating well, and my skin looks great.  And I am definitely not having twins. Our kid just has a big head like all the kids on my husband’s side of the family.