Do Chua: The Cure for Acid Reflux (but not for bad breath)

Lately, the reflux has been very bad. It doesn’t matter whether I eat dinner early or late. It has nothing to do with spicy food (WATER gives me reflux for heaven’s sake).  It usually happens at night, but it doesn’t limit itself to the dark hours. I had it this morning too.

But I have found an effective treatment: Vietnamese carrot pickles. I made a batch a couple of days ago, and have been eating a forkful with every meal, and before bed. For two nights, I had no reflux. It could have been a coincidence, but I kept eating them because they are delicious and because if there was any chance that was keeping the reflux at bay, I was going to keep at it.

Last night, as usual, ate dinner, stayed up a couple of hours, ate pickles, and went to bed. And there was no reflux. And as usual, I woke up in the dark, sometime before 5am, with a desperate need to pee and a raging thirst. So after relieving my poor overworked bladder, I gulped two glasses of water and went back to bed. And immediately the reflux was back.  So I went back to the kitchen, I ate a forkful of pickles, and went back to bed. And it was like MAGIC. The reflux was totally gone.

My husband rolled over and said: “Gah! What is that awful smell? It’s like a port-a-potty!  Did you just eat pickles?” So I got up, and brushed my teeth, and went back to bed. Sadly, not back to sleep. Once I’ve gotten out of bed three times, it’s a lost cause.

The take-home:

1) Vietnamese carrot pickles are yummy and they kill acid reflux dead. Instantly.

2) They don’t smell so good to people who are neither pregnant, nor pickle fans.